Stories of our Refugees from the East of Ukraine

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I and my family came from Khartsyzsk, Donetsk region to Uzhhorod because of hostilities that we have in our cities in Donbass. We rent an apartment in Uzhhorod, my sister and mother works and we issued all possible social payments. My mother had to undergo medical examination and doctors discovered that she has very low hemoglobin and 2 tumors, and they have to be surgically removed. My family did everything it could, but for surgery and rehabilitation we need more finances and we don’t have them... I ask for any possible help.

Thank you in advance and I believe that my letter will not leave you indifferent.



Anzhela’s story

My name is Babkina Anzhela. I am 47. I was born in Ilovaisk, Donetsk region; all my life I lived in Donbass, but all the time I associated myself with Ukraine – country, where I was born, grew up, received an education, and has made a career.

On the 27th of July 2014 in Shakhtersk (small town in Donetsk region) active phase of antiterrorist operation was started. I live 7 kilometers from Shakhtersk in village of Sadove. I experienced all the «charms» of hostilities. I have learned in practice a lot about military equipment – I know now how looks and works «grads», armoured transporters, infantry fighting vehicles and so on. I had lived in this nightmare for 5 days. Then I was lucky – my neighbor decided to go to the safety zone on the Azov Sea, where was his family (his family went there on the 26th of July 2014 for vacation) and he offered me to leave this dangerous zone with him. We had packed for 30 minutes; we took advantage of the respite in shelling and moved on the road. It was the most dangerous «journey» in my life. In peacetime this road takes 4 hours by car and we spent about 8 hours. We overcome 11 block stations, 10 of them were so-called «dpr». Terrorists-separatists checked all our luggage, pointed at us with machineguns, poked guns in our faces, were throwing the car keys in 3 meter deep ravine, staged interrogations about the purpose of departure from DPR zone… We came under fire. So, it took us ‘eternity’ to reach Ukrainian territory. When we came to the AzovSea, right away I went to Novoazovsk to my friend. I planed to be at her place until my town will be released. During my stay in Novoazovsk I worked with IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) as a volunteer-psychologist. After 3,5 weeks began shelling Novoazovsk from Russia. It lasted for 4 days… In 4 days we took first bus to Mariupol, just 4 hours prior to the invasion of Russian troops. Next bus was not there – the city was closed with «dpr» people. From Mariupol I took train to Lviv and then – to Uzhhorod (at first I used to live there with friends).

In the middle of September 2014 my daughter, Kateryna, her husband and their daughter Masha (she is 2,5) came to me to Uzhhorod. In Shakhtersk Kateryna and her family lives separately from me. They, fortunately, went to visit relatives in Moscow in June (before all these tragic events in Shakhtersk). My daughter is in maternity leave now, but very soon she will have to look for job. My granddaughter perceived this situation very painfully. She constantly remembers her home, her things to which she was accustomed to; she still has problems with the pot, which is why we can not send her to kindergarten. But the main thing is that we are together and we are safe. Now we rent an apartment, I have found temporary work on my specialty. Uzhhorod is a beautiful city with wonderful people. Of course it is hard for us here, but different charitable organizations and volunteers support us a lot. I want to give special thanks to Dorcas and “Nehemiah” for not being indifferent to the problems of IDPs and for regular help, which is very important for us.

And so… We are trying to adjust to peaceful life, we are waiting that Shakhtersk will be Ukraine again and we believe in it. 



I’m from Debal’tsevo, Donetsk region. I have 2 daughters, I am highly educated person; and I used to be a head of company that produced an ice cream. Then I founded my own company, which has a very good location (on the highway Donetsk-Luhansk and Kharkiv-Rostov). Because of the economical situation in our country, my company became unprofitable. This year, in July, I and my company gave our building (with everything that was in there) to the National Guard of Ukraine; they came to protect Debal’tsevo, because it is strategic city (it has a big railway junction).

On the 3rd of September (city Day) terrorists started to shoot us with “Grad”. Buildings were shaking because of it and shards flew everywhere… I and my family thought that we won’t survive; we hided near our refrigerator and said our goodbyes to one another. But miracle happened and somehow we survived…

We came to Uzhhorod without anything, because everything stayed in Debal’tsevo. My company paid all the taxes for this year, and now we are in bad situation, we don’t know what to do next year.


 My name is Olena and I am from city of Luhansk. I came to Uzhhorod with 2 small children, without any money and clothes. Only because of support and help from my relatives and Dorcas we are able to live normal lives and to be glad in what we have. For us was very valuable not only financial help (food, clothes, hygienic things, stationery for kids, money), but also psychological support and good attitude towards us, understanding of our situation.

I am very thankful to you for this kindness, which you showed to us!


I and my daughter are very thankful to NGO Nehemiah and Dorcas! I don’t know how we would live without your help. We received moral and material aid. You can’t even imagine how much we need this. You give to us moments of joy and happiness. Thank you very much!!!

I wish you to live without worries, that only joy and luck would come to you and that Sun would shine to you and the sky would be clear and peaceful.

Thank you one more time!!!


 I am from Luhansk and I am disabled. I and my mom came to Uzhhorod, Zakarpattia region and I want to give thanks to people, who opened their hearts and accepted us to their families, warmed us, fed us, helped us and continue to help and care about us. We are very thankful to these people and to God for al the help and support. We wish to these families love, peace, God’s blessings, and strong health, long and good lives and not to experience any grief in their lives. We wish them clear sky and peace between brothers and sisters. Let our country be proud of such people, real ‘Ukrainians’. With such people our hope and spirit are getting stronger and we believe that kindness and love will win!!!

Olha, refugee from Eastern Ukraine, for now (together with her underage daughter) she lives in Uzhhorod. Because of hostilities they had to leave their house and go to nowhere... Olha said: «At the end of November we came to Uzhhorod. We didn't have a place for living and no money. Local people, volunteers, the head of the school (where my daughter studies now) and "Guest House" Hotel helped us to survive. When I came to Uzhhorod I went to the Uzhhorod Employment Center and Regional Administration right away and asked them for help. They offered us to go to the "Guest House" Hotel. We went there and now we live there. They meet us and accepted us very warmly, gave us place for living and food for everyday. The main thing in my life is the future of my child. I hope that war will end soon and we will have peace».

Lyudmyla, 49 years old, from Alchevsk, Luhansk region. Together with her husband and disabled son they had to leave their house and move to the Western part of Ukraine. War destroys everything and takes away the most valuable thing - lives of closest people...

Lyudmila said that near their house in Alchevsk was stadium, where separatists settled. Everyday her family saw 'grads', heard explosions, every time when they had to go to bed they didn't know if they wake up next morning... It was very hard to bear morally. So, they moved to Poltava to their relatives and hoped that war will stop soon and they will be able to go back home; but war still continues... Lyudmyla's husband understood, that they have to start their lives from the beginning; they have to find job and place of living for their family. For now they live in Uzhhorod in "Transcarpathia" Hotel. Lyudmyla is also disabled, but still tries to help her husband as much as she can... They are registered in Uzhhorod Employment Center and look for job.

Melnyk family is very thankful to all caring people, volunteers, organizations, and most of all to NGO "Nehemiah" and Dorcas for their help. They received from "Nehemiah" bureau, chairs and financial help.